Inspired by the earth we walk and the food we eat


noun  can·vas  \ˈkan-vəs\

 from Latin cannabis, from Greek kannabis "hemp,"



-Gary Snyder                                                                                                                                  

Our goal is for you to take as much pride in wearing our workwear as you do in your work or business. Whether its in your restaurant or home kitchen, workshop, or art studio we want to be your first choice in aprons and workwear. In order to shrink our footprint, we're doing our part to support consciously-driven fabrics and growing practices. By sourcing the finest ORGANIC and ECOLOGICAL cotton and hemp fabrics available, we can provide you with the best possible products without any compromises. Help us to continue to dig in and replace chemicals and pesticides in agricultural growing practices that leach into the soil and run off into our oceans and farms.


Hemp is a long strain fiber which possesses incredible strength and durability even when wet. It has been used historically for ship sails and the conestoga wagons which traversed the American West. In addition, hemp is naturally anti-microbial and highly beneficial in reducing contamination and food-borne illness.

The hemp fabrics we source are sustainably grown and harvested without the need for harmful herbicides and pesticides. This is due in part to its dense growing patterns which limit sunlight and therefore inhibit the growth of weeds in the soil. The plant structure is such that it helps retain topsoil and replenish the earth with revitalizing chemical elements.

Certified Organic Cotton

All of the cotton used in our fabrics is certified organically grown without the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides that would otherwise directly harm farm workers as well as poison our food and water supplies.Organic Cotton only represents 1.1% of global cotton production with the rest being grown using genetically modified seeds and traditional methods of heavy pesticide and insecticide usage. In addition, only 35% of cotton is actually grown for clothing. The other 65% is not registered as a food crop, yet is still used as fillers for animal feed and cotton seed oil for human consumption.


Our products are made with 4 key components in mind : Functionality, Durability, Simplicity, and Sustainability.

Originally designed for the rigors of commercial kitchen settings, our aprons are now exceptionally produced with the highest quality materials and manufacturing processes for use in a wide variety of work and lifestyle settings. 

We strive to maintain the simplicity of our products by manufacturing only the necessary tools to help you work at your most productive levels while keeping your safety in mind.

 As part of our commitment to sustainability we continue to search and source the most sustainable materials to limit our footprint and create earth conscious, durable products that help reduce unnecessary waste by lasting longer and holding up better.


All of our products are carefully handcrafted in Los Angeles, California in factories with fair working conditions.





  Our Fabric is Certified Sustainable Biodegradable and   includes the following accredited certifications:

Our Fabric is Certified Sustainable Biodegradable and includes the following accredited certifications: